Cast and Crew

Evin Charles Anderson

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Director, The Wanderer

Evin is an actor, director and writer from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was the Artistic Director of Playbox Multimedia Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Managing Director of The Open Theatre in Brighton, Massachusetts. He is currently acting, writing, a Co-Founder of Waverley Knobs Entertainment, and a member of the poetry collaborative: The Empty Room Poets.

More information can be found HERE and HERE.


Stephen Walsh

    Screenwriter & featured extra
    Stephen Walsh is a screenwriter who penned The Long Awake after many sleepless nights wracking his brain for screenplay ideas. In true tortured artist fashion, he wrote a fantastically exaggerated version of his own late night adventures, which eventually became The Long Awake.

Alison Melillo

1st Assistant Director, Art Department

Allie is a New England based film maker and freelancer. While mainly creating wonder in the Art Department, she does not hesitate to learn many different aspects of the movie making process. With hopes to one day become a Producer, Allie will do whatever it takes to learn everything she can in this industry.

After being involved in a film program throughout high school and into college, she has worked on many things from feature films, shorts, music videos, and writing script in her free time. When Allie is not on set or watching movies she enjoys getting out and exploring new places she has never been to.

Check out her IMDB profile here.


Tatiana Ivan

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Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Recordist + Boom Op

Tatiana enjoys creating inspirational stories through images, whether through still or motion pictures. She is truly thankful that she has found her life's passion (albeit a little later in life) and is now pursuing it full speed ahead, often Jack Sparrow-ing her way through any obstacles and running amuck with metaphors. View her demo reel here.

In her free time, she likes to read fantasy and sci-fi books, or watch SGU and Firefly episodes on repeat. Often, she daydreams about naps.


Samantha Hills

Samantha Hills

1st Assistant Camera, Camera Op

After graduating high school, Samantha moved to Boston to attend Emerson College. A native of Amherst, MA, she has been making short films of her own writing since sophomore year. It is Samantha's goal to make films during, and after, college to pay homage to the movies that inspired her to pursue film, and to create an escape for future audiences.

Click to view more of her work.


Erin Devlin


Script Supervisor

23 years old, Erin graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a BFA. She recently started working as a Production Assistant for independent films and fell in love with working on a set. Erin is obsessed with snowboarding and Hayo Miyazaki.

Click to view her Vimeo channel.


Wayne Reid



Wayne is an aspiring Gaffer/DP from Boston, MA whose background in film dates back to watching westerns with his grandfather. His passion for photography was left behind for football but then soon reemerged and evolved into shooting shorts and commercial with his buddies. This led to an interest in editing and marketing, and brought him to choose film school over medical school.

While working towards a Bachelors of Science for Film at Full Sail University, he worked on as many student productions as he could, learning from every instructor and gaining hands on experience unobtainable from books, and becoming known as a reliable, hardworking, individual amongst his peers. Being a natural problem solver he has worked most crew positions from Grip to Line Producer. On last year's production, Colt Love, he was the acting 1st AD in Florida, while it was being shot in Tennessee. Wayne's future plans include owning his own grip trucks and prop house.


Tyler Hallet

Sound Recordist + Boom Op


Wendi Elle Flanders

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On-Set Photographer

As life threw some curveballs, Wendi gracefully navigated around them and is now spending some of her time happily documenting all the shenanigans that happen behind the scenes on-set.

You can view her past work here, and contact her via phone (978-289-2877) or email.


Eleanor Walker-Jenkins

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Jenkins Manor Studios, post-production sound & featured extra

Eleanor Walker-Jenkins found her love for voiceover work in 2012, and has since recorded audio books and commercials.

Eleanor's studio, Jenkins Manor Studios, provides affordable voiceover work, as well as post-production sound. Check out Eleanor's commercial demos here.


Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins
composer & featured extra

Mark is an electronic musician as well as Bass and Vocals for the band Tiliting at Windmills. He has issued multiple cd’s recorded under the moniker DJ Umbrage. He happily lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with his family and Charlie the Wonder Dog. “There is nothing in this life that does not benefit from a soundtrack.”